Oneworld Global Business Services

Our Establishment

We started in Cyprus as a firm of UK qualified Chartered Accountants offering the full scope of traditional services including audit, tax, accounting and consulting. To these mainstream services we soon added what was called at that time “offshore” (international business) services. Indeed we grew considerably and much had to do with our success in this sector.

Our international business services were conducted by our Hophil Global and in fact our services in this sector were enhanced and enriched. More services and jurisdictions were added to the traditional registrations, not just Cyprus, UK and BVI. We built a network of trusted corporate and trust affiliates in some forty jurisdictions, with whom we work still today. This has given us the flexibility to serve our clients not only in Cyprus but in any jurisdiction our clients have an interest.

Our quality services together with our ability to serve clients locally and internationally and the provision of financial and accounting services accelerated our growth. In the meantime, professional accounting rules stipulate that audit and tax had to be separate from other services such as accounting, corporate administration, payroll and work of a fiduciary nature such as provision of corporate officers and trust services. We were ready for this change.

The establishment of our Oneworld was made and our firm is now one of the largest of its kind offering a comprehensive range of services and having a wide international network.

Oneworld currently employs 75 people and its client portfolio includes over 1000 international companies and trusts. As trustees, bank signatories and directors of client companies, Oneworld has responsibility for over US$5 billion worth of assets on behalf of clients in west and east Europe. We are a leading accounting, financial services, wealth management and corporate administration service providers.

The operation of Oneworld is conducted through Oneworld Limited and a number of fully owned subsidiaries.

Oneworld Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Licence no 149/196. 

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