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Offshore Company Formation

Where to incorporate your offshore company?

Clients often ask us which is the best offshore jurisdiction in which to incorporate. There can be no standard reply as the answer really depends upon the intended use of the entity to be set-up and upon each client’s personal and business circumstances. The same goes for groups intending to define their structure or establish their holding companies.

There are a number of factors which need be considered. The first is the tax regime of the intended jurisdiction and just as important is the political and economic stability. The jurisdiction chosen should not be subject to violent political swings or governed by an undemocratic regime. Other factors include the quality of communications, language, legal system, confidentiality, exchange controls and banking facilities.

To ensure that the correct strategy is followed from the start we, at Oneworld, take a broad review of a client’s international activities. This will include business plans, perceived development, countries of operation, current tax situation and personal dimensions such as residence or estate planning. Our initial recommendations always contain advice on a long-term strategy to be followed to achieve the desired objectives. This strategy will recommend the right corporate structures, personal profiles and any necessary financial and contractual arrangements.

We provide a wide range of offshore company incorporation services including, among others:

  • Assisting you decide the most suitable jurisdiction to incorporate your offshore company;
  • Offshore company formation and preparation of corporate documents;
  • Arranging for domiciliary and registered office facilities in the country of incorporation; 
  • Arranging for nominee directors and shareholders services;
  • Administrative and documentation services including arranging for the notarization and legalization of corporate documentation, invoicing, auditing, opening of corporate and private bank accounts, etc.
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts with well-known and reputable financial institutions;
  • Book-keeping and accounting services.

Popular Offshore Company Incorporation Jurisdictions

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