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The business landscape has been significantly impacted by technology.  Therefore, businesses that desire to stay ahead of their competitors must employ the services of technology consultants who are skilled in the game and understand the latest trends in technological advancement. We offer a wide range of technology solutions and bring companies of all sizes up to date with the latest tech solutions. By aligning your business goals with your end user's needs, we create the most efficient end products and the best services. So whether your enterprise is looking to improve business processes or maximize tech opportunities, we offer different services that are optimized to meet your business need. As an organization, we not only cater to the business sector but also to social development sectors such as Education and Healthcare. Our overall goal is to ensure that all business remains efficient, decrease expenses, increase profit while staying ahead of their competitors.

Seamless Digital Transformation Services for the Enterprise

Digital Transformation is of great importance to every business that wants to remain competitive. It is essentially a deep-seated reevaluation of how technologies are deployed by organizations to make business processes better and optimize operations. We help businesses understand how to leverage emerging technologies like Cloud Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things in streamlining tasks, optimizing processes, and increasing productivity.

Our digital transformation services also involve identifying future technologies, building a secure and seamless digital experience for users, employees, and suppliers. We also identify all obstacles that hamper business efficiency and optimize processes using digital technologies.

Implementation & Operations
Modern businesses operate in an era where single monolithic systems are not equipped to provide solutions for all requirements. Since organizations cannot afford stand-alone systems to fulfil their expectations and meet their needs, they team up to integrate, develop, and implement systems. These systems include enterprise-supporting systems for governance, security, privacy, and reporting. Implementation and operations involve a complex yet rich environment that drives the need for effective change planning an efficient transition from paper-based systems.

Cloud Readiness Assessment
Cloud agility and elasticity are progressively in demand by modern enterprises. Therefore, it pays to have a cloud readiness assessment that gauges an enterprise's preparedness to move to the cloud. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment involves an all-encompassing procedure that incorporates organizational readiness, infrastructure readiness and application assessments. Our services enable enterprises to determine the state of hardware and network systems while migrating to the cloud. We also provide organizations with the vision and plan necessary for successful cloud migration.

Procurement & Purchasing Optimization
Procurement and purchasing optimization aim’s at leveraging the process of obtaining software, hardware and services to meet internal needs and generate substantial business value. It is an approach to procurement that creates a ripple effect that affects all aspects of an enterprise. We are experts in procurement and purchasing optimization. We also understand that an optimized procurement and purchasing process will boost efficiency while reducing costs and increasing revenue, among other benefits.

Business Continuity and Recovery
Business continuity and recovery are practices that enable an organization's ability to remain operational after a disruption like cyberattacks, human error, or a natural disaster. As experts in business continuity processes, we ensure that downtime does not last nor hamper the efficient running of your business. Our services are designed to minimize security risks, reduce emergencies, and get enterprises working as close to normal after a disruption.

Creating a collaborative and flexible workplace using modern infrastructures

Advancements in technology have made it imperative for enterprises that want to stand out and increase productivity to implement the use of modern infrastructure in all aspects of their operations. As a leading tech consulting company, we understand the impact that Modern infrastructure has in driving collaboration in the workplace while supporting productivity and efficiency.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
The term "hybrid cloud infrastructure' has been thrown around lately. It is essentially a cloud environment that is made up of a combination of on-premises private cloud resources combined and third-party, public cloud resources.  With this IT solution, there is a collaboration between resources and users. Our hybrid cloud infrastructure solution also allows workloads and data to move flexibly between private and public clouds giving businesses greater flexibility to handle demands, needs, and costs
Remote work
The demands of the COVID-19 pandemic has made remote work imperative as businesses have found a way to function despite the curfews travel bans, and other such restriction of movement set up to curb the spread of the pandemic. Remote work has now become a growing trend with more people working from different offices, satellite hubs, co-working spaces, cafes, home offices, and just about anywhere. As a company, we ensure that your employees have the best remote work experience by providing the right technologies needed to create a secure collaborative workplace.  

Productivity is a critical driver of cost efficiency and is subject to changes in technology. We understand the impact of productivity on all aspects of a business, like revenue, company culture, company identity and the work environment. This is why we make use of state of the art technology in increasing productivity for the enterprise. Due to the numerous technological devices available, modern businesses now have a ton of opportunities to increase productivity and remain competitive.

Business Process Automation
Business process automation (BPA) involves the automation of repetitive and mundane tasks or processes within a business enterprise. Businesses that are looking to increase efficiency and realize their business objectives must deploy BPA in various areas of operation.  With BPA, businesses can streamline processes such as employee onboarding, accounts payable, contract management without expending a lot of resources.

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Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy for the Enterprise

Cybersecurity is integral to the success of the modern enterprise, especially with the increased dependence on IT to drive business objectives and the rise in cyber attacks all over the globe. Our cybersecurity strategy goes beyond the basics because we know that sophisticated hackers can circumvent most defenses. Instead, we take advantage of our advanced technologies to fight cyber attacks. We also deploy security measures that help businesses identify and mitigate risks just in seconds.

Vulnerability Assessment
 IT systems and infrastructure are integral parts of modern enterprises. However, these systems are prone to attack, and that is why we provide vulnerability assessment as a service. Vulnerability assessment involves defining, identifying, classifying, and prioritizing security risks and threats in computer systems, applications and network infrastructures.
In addition, it provides the enterprise with all information needed to appreciate these vulnerabilities while acting in the right manner. Enterprises of all sizes need vulnerability assessments to discover and eliminate risks before they can cause disruptions or breaches. A comprehensive vulnerability assessment helps to improve security and enhances the resilience of an enterprise's IT resources.

Penetration Testing
Penetration testing aims to discover and exploit vulnerabilities within IT resources. It is essentially a simulated attack that helps security experts to pinpoint the weaknesses in defense of security systems that cybercriminals can capitalize on. Our penetration testing services also check for the effectiveness of organizations' security controls in real-time. We do not only focus on focus on cybersecurity, but we also examine the potential of manual attacks and enable businesses to develop robust security controls. What’s more? With regular automated and manual testing, enterprises can determine the infrastructure, software, and physical weaknesses that impact their business operations.

Forensics is an essential aspect of all incident response strategy. Therefore, organizations must address this through their budget, policies and procedures. Our team of technology consultants are also forensic experts who provide answers on how businesses can overcome critical business tasks. We have substantial years of experience to provide the right insight you need from strategy to final execution.  Our solutions are also customized to meet your need.

Security Awareness
Did you know that human factors pose as one of the biggest threats to the enterprise? This is why there is a need to raise security awareness so that your employees become more aware of the implications of some of their actions. This way, they are better prepared to avoid situations that generate security threats. Our teams of experts help businesses create adequate security awareness within the enterprise. We are adept at managing training or advisories that are designed to educate employees on the best practices to achieve information security.

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Insights for informed decisions

At Oneworld Ralliton Tech, we optimize data assets to help organizations make faster and better business decisions. Our team of experts are available to assemble, organize, and analyze your data. Our Data and Analytics Services also include building a framework that supports business operations from data collection, visualization, integration, and automation.

Modern Data Factory
Modern data warehouses are a must-have for modern enterprises. This data factory helps businesses to bring together their data sets while generating insights through analytical dashboards, operational reports, or advanced analytics. A modern data factory organizes the movement and processing of data within your enterprise. The best part about data factories is that you don't have to own it yourself. With hybrid cloud solutions available, you have a trusted technology solution for your data. Our data factory solutions are also tailored to meet your business needs.

Financial Insights
Financial Insights focuses on analytical reporting; it applies Microsoft Power BI in combining financial key performance indicators (KPIs), charts, and financial statements. This makes it possible for employees across organizations to view, research, understand, and act on insights. Financial Insights offers value to your enterprise by combining data from data sources to generate a robust profile of your organization's financial health. At OneWorld Ralliton Tech, we help businesses gain insights needed to make informed decisions at all times. We also offer top-notch technology solutions that allow you to achieve your business objectives.

Business Intelligence
You hear the phrase Business intelligence (BI) a lot, especially if you pay attention to the trends in modern business. BI is quite popular and for a good reason too. It powers software and services to convert data into actionable insights that can inform your organization's strategic and tactical business decisions. BI is comprised of a variety of tools that comes in handy if you are looking to navigate your way around the modern business landscape.We offer excellent BI solutions that positively impact your enterprise's strategic, tactical, and operational business decisions. We ensure that your enterprise ultimately makes the most of all that BI tools have to offer.

The modern business has access to a plethora of systems that have the potential to improve their operations. The blockchain network is one such system. Blockchain has become quite the trend in modern business because of the benefits that it offers to users and its industry-disrupting capabilities. Yet not many enterprises have mastered its potential. There is so much that your business enterprise can achieve by incorporating blockchain into your operations.

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Top-Notch Managed IT Services Tailored to Meet Your Business Needs

If you haven't jumped on the outsourcing train, then you have been missing out on quite a lot. There is only so much that you can efficiently handle in-house because you have limited resources. Even the multinational companies have begun to key into outsourcing specific processes to professionals. There are tons of benefits to be had, so if efficient business operations are one of your business goals, then you need to outsource some of your processes as soon as you can. When looking to outsource, you want to do business with seasoned professionals like OneWorld Ralliton Tech team that offers expertise without making you break the bank.

CIO as a Service
It's safe to say that every successful enterprise in today's digitized world relies on an established, reliable, future-oriented, and customer-oriented IT. We appreciate this fact; that is why we offer successful IT delivery that produces real value for your enterprise. OneWorld Ralliton Tech offers effective C-suite level management for your IT strategy planning and execution. We help businesses create an IT roadmap while providing the support that facilitates your achieving bottom lines.
With our CIO as a service, we efficiently support your service portfolio definition, IT delivery architecture, and processes in a bid to ensure that your IT services align with your business objectives.

Data Protection Officer as Service
 A Data Protection Officer (DPO) manages data processing activities of an organization and ensures that governance and compliance levels are reached and sustained. Our DPO as a service is cost-effective, comprehensive data protection and privacy service. It is an excellent governance and compliance solution for organizations without the necessary resources to handle DPO responsibilities. With DPO as a Service, business owners no longer have to worry about the complexities involved in data processing, data security, operations, and the real-time aspects of the GDPR. Instead, they gain access to a comprehensive set of professional services that cater to these responsibilities.

Managed Service
IT infrastructure is an integral part of businesses that exist in today's digitized world. All sizes of companies rely on IT infrastructure to stay relevant. However, companies that cannot manage their IT infrastructure efficiently due to cost can outsource these services to us. Our managed IT services are cost-effective and proffer a ton of benefits. With these services, business owners no longer have to worry about their IT infrastructure but focus more on my making aspect of their businesses.

Service Level Agreements
Our Service level agreements ensures that you get the right SLA that protects your interests at all times. This is because our customers are of great importance to us.   With this agreement, you have nothing to fear because our team of experts are here to deliver nothing but the best services and advice to you. We can provide bespoke SLAs to suit your needs – extended hours of cover (24x7x365, weekends, public holidays), different speeds of response, priority, or cover for different types of equipment.

Technology Procurement
Do you know that one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition is to get your technology procurement, right? With the demands of the modern business landscape, organizations must leverage the technology procurement process to stay abreast of competitions. We understand that technology procurement plays a vital role in the operations of modern enterprises. Heck, we believe it is one of the secrets behind efficient business processes. That is why our team ensures that your organization gets the delivery of the best IT-based services within and without your enterprise.  You need not worry about your technology procurement. Let's do that for you.

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